Wednesday 8 February

Hi all,
Sorry we are late but it was a long day.
Well last night the L'Asille community gathered to say goodbye. It was a wonderful celebration. They sang songs, voiced their appreciation for all we do and gave us and the parish gifts. At this time we distributed the shoes that you donated. All went home happy.
After the finishing touches in the church were completed, we were ready for the healing mass. The mass was at 10:00am they began arriving before 9:00. They came from all of 11 chapels and some walked up to two hours. When the mass began there were over 500 in attendance. Standing room only,  and some even lied on the floor on mats. Father David and Father Barry administered the Sacrament of the sick to those in need. The music and faithfulness of the community was inspiring.
We also, had an opportunity to visit the school. We went into the classrooms to see the children and even Father Barry gave a lesson. There are almost 500 children that attend the school in graded K-8.
We bid a fond farewell to L'Asille. They promised to keep all of us in their prayers. We are traveling to Port au Prince to stay one night and tomorrow home, hopefully!! We hear there is a storm coming!! Please keep us in your prayers!! The L'Asille Ten



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