Sunday 5 February - Chapel Dedication

Hi all,
Well it's finally here, today was the dedication of the chapel. We gathered at 8:00 am and began the procession to the chapel carrying the statue of the blessed Virgin Mary. The procession stretched over 2 miles long and it went through a river and up steep hills. When we arrived at the chapel we were met by Bishop Dumas. He knocked on the church doors with his staff three times and all entered for the first time. The liturgy was spectacular!  The new altar was blessed and the offertory procession was amazing. People from the community brought all of their local offerings, that included fruits and vegetables, charcoal and live chickens too. This was all done to dance and music. There was a 120 member choir the sang their heats out,
The Bishop invited all the children to come forward and consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and he blessed all of them.
At the end of mass Father Barry offered remarks to the community in Creole. Father David thanks all of us for our dedication to the people of L'Asille and we all were given a special hat to commemorate the day. There were over 1000 people in the church, 800 inside and over 200 standing outside. What a day to remember!!! The L'Asille 10.

(more pictures of the dedication to come, still having to work on some photo editing!)


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